At Procyon Games, we take board games and card games designed by world-renowned authors and re-implement them within the virtual world of Second Life.

"Euro Games" or "Family Strategy Games" feature meaningful decision-making and player interaction. In Second Life, the games have 3D animation, sound effects, an active community of players, and a scoring and ranking system.

Game owners can form their own teams and compete against other teams. To purchase a game for yourself, visit the Procyon Games Workshop in Second Life, or use the web interface via SL Marketplace.

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"beautifully designed, delicately balanced...the Second Life version boasts a hearty community, a thriving tournament scene, and some excellent Internet resources that enhance what is already a wonderful gaming experience."

Kanomi Pikajuna, New World Notes

"The HUD is easy to understand for the beginner and the gameplay is complex enough to keep experienced players interested"

Michalius Oppewall, Second Life Games

"Great customer support! Very fun game!"

Veerus Tigerpaw

"Original and easy to learn. 5 Stars! If I could give it more stars then I would!"

Flavorless Flan

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