Known Issues with Can’t Stop

Problem: The game won’t advance to the next player. It leaves pieces on the board after the game is done.

Workaround: Reboot your sim.

This is due to a bug in Second Life. To move the game pieces, the Can’t Stop table needs to “link” and “unlink” the prims. Because of a bug in Second Life, sometimes a sim will get into a bad state, which makes it that scripts can’t do the link commands they need in order to work. If you reboot your sim, it will fix this problem. For most people, once they reboot their sim, they never see this issue again, and the game works perfectly for them from that point on.

If you would like Linden Lab to fix this bug, you can vote for it on the Jira. The Jira is a list of all the bugs in Second Life, and by voting there you can tell Linden Lab that you think this bug is important and you would like them to fix it. To vote for this bug, visit SVC-1022, log in with your Second Life name and password, and click the vote link in the left column of the page.

Problem: The game doesn't work when you (the owner) are not online.

Fix: Set your Land Options to allow the Group to Create Objects.

The Can't Stop game needs to rez pieces during play. It works this way because there potentially could be a lot of pieces on the board, and it would use up all your prims to keep them rezzed even when no-one was playing. If your land is set so that nobody except you can Create Objects, then the game won't be able to rez the pieces it needs. It will work when you are online — that's just a quirk of the Second Life permission system. When you are offline, even scripts that you own can't rez new objects.

This is due to another bug in SL that used to be fixed, but has come back in recent versions of the SL server. You can vote for this bug to be fixed on the Jira: SVC-3145

Problem: The game won't start; it leaves pieces hanging in the air.

Fix: There's a couple things you can check.

First of all, the easiest fix is to delete your game, and redeliver a new one to yourself. You can find out how to do that on the Asset FAQ page.

If even a new copy of the game doesn't work, check to make sure that you are granting it Link Permissions. When the game is first rezzed, a toast will pop up asking for Link Permission. You must click Yes on this dialog for the game to work properly. In newer versions of the viewer, this toast can disappear quickly, so make sure you look for it when you rez your game.

Check to make sure you have enough free prims. The game needs 20 or so while playing. If it runs out of prims, it can glitch your game.

Check that your rez permissions are correct. Your land parcel should allow rezzing by everyone, or at least a group. If rezzing is permitted only by group, make sure your game has the right group tag when rezzed. Also see the second problem, above.