Can’t Stop by Procyon Games

Can’t Stop is a classic press-your-luck game designed by the All-time great game designer Sid Sackson. Two to four players compete in a race to the top of the board.

Getting Started

You can get a HUD for the game by clicking Help, and then Get HUD. Wear the HUD, and pick a color chair to sit in. When everyone is ready, click Start to begin the game.

Basic Play

The object of the game is to advance your markers to the top of any three columns.
On your turn, you roll 4 dice. You then group them into two sets of two. For example, if you rolled:

die-white-2 die-white-3 die-white-5 die-white-6

then you could put the die-white-2 + die-white-3 together to make 5, and the die-white-5 + die-white-6 to make 11.
Or you could make a 7 (die-white-2 +die-white-5) and a 9 (die-white-3+ die-white-6).
Or you could make two 8’s (die-white-2+ die-white-6 and die-white-3+ die-white-5) .

Your HUD will show you your options. Pick one of them and it will hilight, then click Go to roll again.

On your turn you can be working on three numbers. Your three numbers will be marked with temporary markers in your color that have an animated conveyor-belt texture on them. Every time you roll the dice and make one of your numbers, your marker moves up one space.

You can end your turn at any time by clicking Stop instead of Go. You still get to pick the numbers from your last roll. When you stop, your place is saved, and on your next turn you will start from where you left off, if you roll those numbers again.

You can have markers in all the columns, but you can only work on three of them in on turn. If you make a number that you haven’t done before, you start at the bottom. If you already have a marker there (from a previous turn), then you advance from that space.


On each roll, you must either start a new number (if you don’t have 3 that you’re already working on), or advance one of your existing markers. If you can’t make any of your numbers, then you have ZONKED and you lose your turn. For example, if your numbers are 3, 6, and 8 and you roll:

die-white-1 die-white-3 die-white-4 die-white-6

there’s no way to make a 3, 6, or 8 by using any two of those dice. When you Zonk your temporary markers go away. Any progress you made on that turn is lost.

The first person to get to the top of a column and Stop claims that column. Anyone else who had a marker in that column loses it. For the rest of the game, nobody can use that number to make any roll (even the person who claimed it).

The first person to claim 3 columns wins!