DANGER ZONE by Procyon Games

Danger Zone is a press-your-luck style game for 3 to 8 players. It features a dozen animations, sound effects, particle effects, and optional wagering and networked high scores. It was one of the winning games in the 2006 Games Expo.


Prims: When idle (not in use), the main table is 31 prims. During it game it can rez up to 200 more prims for special effects.

Rights: The game is licensed with the Procyon Asset Protection system. In general, you get the all benefits of copy-ok and transfer-ok.

If you purchase a Commercial License the game will ask you for Debit Permissions so that it can make payouts.


Spectacular Animation and Effects
The game features awesome death sequences, with over 7 animations, a dozen sound effects, particle effects, and theme music

Hud Controls
The game table gives out free HUDs to all players

Unattended Play
Having a host is not necessary. Players can start a game on their own at any time.

Remote Control
A separate control unit lets you adjust, reset, and configure your game to your liking.

High Score System
Each game comes with a networked scoreboard that tracks all players across the grid and calculates who is the best player. You can also set it to Local mode where it only counts games played on your system -- perfect for tournaments!

Touch your scoreboard to switch it between Local, World, and Team modes.

Free Upgrades
Upgrades can be delivered to you via your remote. Your purchase comes with free upgrades for the life of the product.

Asset Protection System
Your Danger Zone game unit is licensed and registered to you. If it is ever lost for any reason, you can get a new one, automatically. If your sim goes down or the asset server eats your entire inventory, you can replace your Danger Zone with just one click. Read all about it in the Asset Protection FAQ


There are two different Danger Zone licenses. You can upgrade your license at any time for the difference in price.

PERSONAL LICENSE L$3999 For the solo Danger Zone enthusiast who just wants his own copy of the game, to play with friends. The personal license gives you a complete game, suitable for home use.

COMMERCIAL LICENSE L$4999 The Commercial License has everything the Personal License has, but also allows players to contribute to a pot. You can set a rake, a minimum bet, and also operate your unit in Free Play mode, additionally giving out prizes to the winners.

Each license you purchase allows you to rez one copy of the game inworld. If you want to have multiple tables up at the same time, you must purchase multiple licenses.

The only difference between the Personal and Commercial license is the payment system. The Personal License allows Free Play only. Other than that, the games are identical.