Procyon Asset Protection FAQ

What is the Procyon Asset Protection system?

All Premier Games are licensed under the Procyon Asset Protection system. Your purchase is registered to your avatar name. The registration is kept outside Second Life, on the Procyon server. This way, if there’s ever any problems with your game, the information there can help resolve issues.

What does Asset Protection do for me?

First of all, you can rez with confidence. The Second Life grid is still plagued with stability problems. Have you ever seen notices from Linden Labs that tell you “The database is experiencing problems—Don’t rez anything valuable until we say it’s ok.” What if you missed the notice, and you tried to rez something, and it never appeared? With Procyon Asset Protection, you don’t have to worry. If your game disappears for any reason—asset server problems, a vengeful ex-partner, or simply accidental deletion—you can get a new copy, anytime, automatically.

Second, licenses are transferrable. If you ever get tired of your game, or you want to give it to an alt account to manage, you can do so. So it’s like having an object that’s copy-ok and transfer-ok.

Third, upgrades are a snap. When a new version of your game is released, you can have it delivered straight to your inventory. There’s no need to drop off an old item.

Finally, you can use it to fix problems with your game. If your game develops a glitch, just derez it and get a new copy!

How do I get a new copy of my game?

Every Premier Line game comes with a remote control unit. Wear your remote, then say “/8 deliver game”. You should receive a new game in a few moments.

If you have lost your remote, you can visit any Procyon game vendor. Touch the vendor and it will give you a complete new setup, including the game, remote, and any other items which came with the game on purchase.

The Customer Support section of the website also has a redeliver link. You will have to register your avatar with this website if you haven't done so already. Then you can redeliver a new copy of your game with just a click.

My game seems to be broken. How can I fix it?

The simplest way to fix your game is to derez it and rez a new copy. WIth your remote on, “/8 derez” will cleanly delete your game and return its license. Then get a new copy and rez it.

Can I take my game back into my inventory?

It’s not recommended that you take a rezzed game back into your inventory. Some Procyon games consist of multiple moving parts, and it can be easy to miss those when you’re trying to pick it up. Also, if you keep multiple copies in your inventory, or you have multiple games rezzed and pick some up and re-rez them, the license server can lose count as to how many games you actually have rezzed.

The best method is to delete any game you’re not using, and rez a fresh new copy in a new location when you want to play again. Of course, you can leave your games rezzed indefinitely if you don’t need to move them.

How do I upgrade my game when you release a new version?

Upgrades work the same way as any other game delivery. Because your purchase is registered, you will receive a notice (via notecard) whenever a product update is available. You don’t need to join a group (although there are other benefits to joining the Procyon Gamers group)

Can I take a many copies as I want?

Yes! You can have as many copies of the game in your inventory as you like, for backup spares. However, you must purchase a license for each game that you want rezzed at the same time in-world.

My game disappeared! How do I get it back?

If you’ve been moving your games around a lot, taking them back into your inventory and re-rezzing them, then the license server can lose count of how many games you have rezzed in-world. To fix this, you need to reset your license count.
  1. Delete or derez any copies of the game that are currently rezzed
  2. WIth your remote, say “/8 lreset” (that’s LRESET with an L in front for License Reset)
  3. Now get a new copy of the game, and rez it. You should be good to go.
It’s always best to derez your games with your remote (“/8 derez”) instead of taking them back into your inventory. Remember you can get a new copy of your game at any time.

How come there are two prices on the vendor?

Most Premier games come with two versions of the license. The more expensive version is the Commercial License; the cheaper one is the Personal License.

What’s the difference between the Personal and Commercial license?

The Personal license allows Free Play only. The Commercial license lets you charge people to play, and/or award a pot to the winner(s). With a Commercial license you can also set the game into Free Play mode so it will act exactly like the Personal license. Other than that, the two licenses are identical. The game play is exactly the same. You do not need a Commercial license to rez more than one copy or to run tournaments; if you are happy rezzing free-play games then you can purchase multiple Personal licenses.

How do I upgrade my license?

Contact Rifkin Habsburg in-world and tell him you would like to upgrade. The Personal license can be upgraded at any time to Commercial for the difference in price.

How do I downgrade my license?

Commercial licenses can not be downgraded to Personal. However if you purchased a Commercial license by mistake it can be downgraded to Personal. Contact Rifkin Habsburg in-world.

How do I give a game as a gift?

There is a Gift Certificate vendor in the Procyon Games workshop. You can purchase a Gift Certificate instead of a license for any Premier Line game. When you give the certificate to your friend and they rez it, they will become the registered owner of the game.

How do I transfer my license to someone else?

Visit the Customer Support section of the website. You will have to register your avatar with this website if you haven't done so already. You will see a list of every license you own. Next to each license is a Transfer link, which you can use to give your license to someone else. If you own multiple licenses, you can transfer any number of them.

Note that the original owner must request the transfer. If you would like to have someone else’s license transferred to you, talk to them and ask them to request the transfer.