Known Issues FAQ

My game is malfunctioning / locked up

If your game is malfunctioning, the easiest way to fix it is to simply delete it and redeliver a new copy to yourself. The Procyon licensing system lets you get a new copy of your game any time you want. Read more about it on the Asset Protection FAQ.

If the new copy of the game has the same problems, there are a couple things you can check.

First, do you have enough prims available? Many Procyon games rez new prims during gameplay. If your land parcel doesn't have enough free prims available, the game will malfunction. You can check your available prims in the Objects tab of the "About Land" dialog.

Are your permissions set correctly? If your land parcel is set so that only group members can rez objects, then your game must have that group tag set (ie, you must have that as your active group when you rez the game). You can check the game's group tag by opening the build window and selecting the game. If your land parcel is set so only the owner can rez, then that person must be the owner of the game as well. Also, there is a strange bug in Second Life that happens when the land parcel does not allow group members to rez, but you have other permission to rez. See the following FAQ.

Have you taken apart your game? Many Procyon games consist of several pieces (table, chairs, etc). If you try to take it back into your inventory, it's easy to miss a piece. Then when you rez it again, you don't have all the pieces and it won't work. A new copy of the game should work. If this happens to you a lot, it's better not to take your game back into your inventory. Instead, use your remote to derez it ("/8 derez"), and redeliver a new copy when you want to rez it again.

My game only works when I'm online

Many Procyon games will rez objects during game play. This can be a problem if you have turned off the "Rez Objects" permission on your land.

If your land is group-owned, and you have "Rez Objects" permissions turned off for the group, then your game will not work when you are offline, even if the game is owned by you and you have rez permission on the land. This is a bug in the Second Life server code, SVC-3145. You can go to the JIRA and vote for the bug to be fixed.

The workaround is to allow rez permissions for the group. If you don't own the land, you will need to get your landlord to change the group permissions.

I can't read the names on the scoreboard

Some people have complained that the scoreboards show garbled textures. This is due to a bug in the JPEG2000 library used in many third-party viewers, like Phoenix and Imprudence. The scoreboards look fine when viewed with the official Linden Lab viewer, either 1.23 or the 2.0 series.

You can also view the scores for your games on the Local Scores page, if you don't want to change viewers.