FROOTCAKE by Procyon Games

Frootcake is a deliciously spiteful game, based on Geschenkt by Thorsten Gimmler. Three to five players try to see who can end up with the least cake on their plate!

All games are registered on the Procyon network, and all player are ranked on a ladder

Basic Stats

Prims: The main Frootcake table is 43 prims. The table is divided into two pieces, the table and chairs. If you move your unit, make sure you have both items selected, so you move them together. During a game, other prims will be rezzed, such as cakes. For a full 5-player game you should have about 250 prims free.

Rights: The game is licensed with the Procyon Asset Protection system. More info is below, but in general, you get the benefits of copy-ok and transfer-ok.

Space: If you purchase multiple Frootcake tables, they must be spaced at least 20m apart, to prevent interference.


HUD Controls
The game table gives out free HUDs to all players

Unattended Play
Having a host is not necessary. Players can start a game on their own at any time.

Remote Control
A separate control unit lets you adjust, reset, and configure your game to your liking.

Free Upgrades
Upgrades can be delivered to you via your remote. Your purchase comes with free upgrades for the life of the product.

Asset Protection System
Your Frootcake game unit is licensed and registered to you. If it is ever lost for any reason, you can get a new one, automatically. If your sim goes down or the asset server eats your entire inventory, you can replace your game with just one click.

Use your Frootcake remote to deliver new copies of the game directly to your inventory. You can keep as many unrezzed copies as you like. You never have to worry about losing the game due to a rez error. For more help on what your remote can do, wear it and say “/8 fullhelp”

If you wish to transfer the game, your license can be transferred to any other avatar free of charge.

Read more in the Asset Protection FAQ

Tiny Mode
If you are a Tiny avatar, press up-arrow while seated and the sit animation will adjust for you

Team Play
Buying a game gives you the right to make your own team. Get your friends to join and compete against other teams across the grid! You can name your team whatever you want.

Your game comes with a signup prim. Rez it wherever you want, and people can touch it to join your team. You can rez as many copies of the signup prim as you want. It’s also mod-ok, so you can change its texture; or, you can copy the signup script to your own objects.

If you already have a team (because you already own another Procyon game) then there’s no need to sign everyone up again

All Frootcake games are registered on a central server, and your scoreboard shows an up-to-date ranking of all players.

Touch your scoreboard to change its mode. In Global mode, the board shows the top players in the world. In Local mode, only the people who have played on your board are shown. So you can see how you and your friends rank against each other, even if you aren’t a top player world-wide. Cycle mode switches between Local and Global

Scores are calculated differently in Global and Local mode. Local scores are simpler. If you beat someone by 10 points, you get 10 points added to your score, plus a 25 point bonus. Game scores are added over a 2-week period (or since last reset).

Global scoring is done through an algorithm based on Google’s PageRank. You can read more about it in the Scoring FAQ.

Tourney mode lets you run tournaments. You can place names on the board and dim them when players are eliminated. You can also reset the time limit for score totals. By default, all games from the past two weeks are scored. You can use “Reset Local” to set everyone’s score to zero. An easy way to run a tournament is to reset the scores at the start, and just let everyone play. You can have a tournament that lasts hours or even days, and then award the player who has the high score at the end.

Team mode shows the rankings for all teams.

Video Tutorial
Included with your game is a video prim that will play a 5-minute video teaching the game to new players. You must have video stream privileges on your land, and the prim must be owned by the land owner to work (so if the land is group-owned, it must be deeded to the group). The video is also available on YouTube if you can’t set the video stream on your property.

There are two Frootcake licenses. You can upgrade your license at any time for the difference in price.

Personal License L$2999 For the solo cake player who just wants his own copy of the game, to play with friends. The personal license gives you a complete game, suitable for home use.

Commercial License L$3999 The Commercial License has everything the Personal License has, but also allows players to contribute to a pot. You can set a rake, a minimum bet, and also operate your unit in Free Play mode, additionally giving out prizes to the winners.