Frootcake by Procyon Games

Fruitcakes. Nobody likes them, so everyone passes them on to the next person. But shipping all those cakes gets expensive!

In this game, players spend coins passing cakes back and forth. Whoever ends up with the least cakes, and the most money, wins!

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Getting Started

Touch the game table top, then click Get HUD from the blue popdown. Wear the Frootcake HUD and have a seat at the table.

How to Play

Everyone starts with no cakes and 11 coins. Cakes are bad, coins are good.

On your turn, you can either:
  1. click Pass. You pay a coin to the jukebox, and pass the cake to the next player, or
  2. click Take. You take the cake, and all the coins in the jukebox.
If you are out of coins, you must take the cake.

There are 33 cakes, ranging in size from the petit 3oz cake to the giant 35oz cake. 24 of them will be served, at random (which means 9 won’t appear in each game).

Your score at the end of the game is the total size of all the cakes you’ve taken, minus the number of coins you have left over. Low score wins.

Stacking Cakes

This is important! If you take two cakes that are adjacent in order, for example, the 6oz and the 7oz cake, they will stack on top of each other, and only the top cake counts against you!

Example: If you take the 9oz cake and then the 7oz cake, that will count as 16 points against you at the end of the game. But if you also take the 8oz cake, then the 7-8-9 stack will only count as 7 points at the game end.


Don’t take cakes! Try to hold off taking a cake as long as possible, until there’s lots of coins in the jukebox. If everyone else is taking cakes, a good strategy is to just keep passing. You might end up with no cakes at all.

If a cake comes up that’s good for you (it fits one of your stacks) and bad for everyone else, don’t take it right away. If you send it around the table a couple times, you can get coins from everyone else.

Watch what other people have. If a cake comes up that’s good for them, one of their cakes will light up and spin. Sometimes you might want to steal that cake from them, if it’s not too expensive. Sometimes you should steal it just out of spite.

Coins are kept secret. Your scoreboard shows the total number of cake points during the game. When the game ends, it shows your total score (with the coins subtracted out). If it’s close, you won’t know exactly who is winning until the final totals are revealed.

Pots and Betting

If the game is not in Free Play mode, you can pay money into a pot which the winner will take. Frootcake works on a “side pot” system. Each player can bet at whatever level they are comfortable with, but a small bet won’t win the whole pot. The rule is, you can only win as much as you bet, from each player.

Let’s say Alice bet L$1000, and Bob bet L$250, and Charles bet L$20. If Alice wins, she wins the whole pot (minus the rake). If Bob wins, he gets his bet back, plus all of Charles’ bet, plus $250 from Alice, for a total of $520. Alice gets a refund of $750. If Charles wins, he wins $60 ($20 from each), Alice gets $940 refunded, and Bob gets $190 refunded.

Tournament Scoring

There are two scoring modes shown on the scoreboard, Local and Global. In Local mode (“Regular Customers”, you are competing against players who play on this same table. If you beat someone by 15 points, you get 15 points, plus a 25-point bonus.

The Worldwide scoring uses a more complex algorithm to figure out who is the best player in the world. You can read more about it in the Scoring FAQ


Designed and Built by RIFKIN HABSBURG
Frootcake Diner Built by EGGY LIPPMAN and MOON ADAMANT
Based on the game GESCHENKT by Thorsten Gimmler