In celebration of 100,000 games of En Garde, Procyon Games is held a special Rally Event, free for all players. While the Rally is on, everyone will be trying to win a game of En Garde at registered locations across the grid. The locations will be secret, initially, but every time you win you will be given a clue (teleport location) to another Rally Location. Points will be awarded for every location where a player wins a game. The top players in terms of rally points will be awarded prizes. Over L$10,000 in prizes will be awarded!

Rally Dates: Friday Feb 19th - Monday March 1st

Read more about the Rally rules and information.
Once you register your avatar with the Procyon Games site, you can view your Rally Statistics here

En Garde Owners
Would you like to participate in the next Rally? Contact Rifkin Habsburg via IM or email

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