100,000 Game Celebration
En Garde Rally
Feb 19 - Mar 1

How to Play
Everyone who plays En Garde can participate in the Rally. There is no special sign-up for players or extra fees to pay. Every time you play a game of En Garde while the Rally is in progress, you will be participating in the Rally.

Object of the Game
The object of the game is to score points by visiting and winning games in as many different Rally Locations as possible. Many different En Garde owners have registered as Rally Hosts. Your job is to find those hosts, and win a game at each location.

Each location has a random value of 1, 2, or 3 points. The value is the same for everyone—if you get 2 points for winning a game there, then everyone will.

To score rally points for a location, all you have to do is win a game there. If there are more than one piste available, you can use any of them; they all count the same. But you must fight a different player at each location. Once you have beaten a particular player during the rally, you can no longer score rally points by beating that person again.

Every time you win a game, you will be given a clue to another location you can visit. The clue you get is random—it might be a new location, or it might be a location you have already visited. If you want to see a list of all the locations you have visited, you can check the Player Stats page.

You get a new clue for every victory, even if you've already beaten that player, and even if you've already scored in that particular rally location. So it's worthwhile to play more than once in one spot, if you're looking for clues.

You don't have to play the course in any order. You can visit any location at any time. If you get a clue to a location, you don't have to play there next (but if it's a new location, you probably want to!) You can save clues and play there later, and you can trade clues with other players. If you forget where you need to play next, you can always go back to a location you've visited before, win a game there, and get a new clue.

The clue will point directly to the piste you need to play at. When you teleport in, the read beam will pierce the center of the game. Make sure you note it! It's possible that there could be several pistes nearby, and if they are owned by someone else who is not particiapting in the Rally, you won't get any points or clues for playing there.

The Rally will end at 8PM SLT, Monday March 1. At that time prizes will be awarded based on the player rankings:

First Place... L$ 5000
Second Place... $ 2000
Third through Fifth place... L$ 1000

You can see the current player rankings on the Player Rankings page.

In the event of a tie, a tiebreaker tournament of En Garde will be held to determine the winner.