The LindeX is a currency trading market where Second Life players can buy and sell Linden Dollars (L$). The exchange rate is set in a typical bid/ask spread, although Linden Lab stabilizes the market by manufacturing L$ and selling them. Occasionally Linden Lab will change their target exchange rate, or through a glitch they will stop selling L$ for a while, and at those times the best price to sell L$ can change.

This graph shows the amount of L$ offered to sell that are priced within L$10 of the best sell offer, for the past 48 hours. By watching the trends here you might spot an opportune moment to sell L$. This graph is provided as a service to the Second Life community by Procyon Games.

During periods of extreme volatility, this graph might become erratic. It's useful to compare the total sell order volume only when the price varies by less than a couple L$ over the 48 hour period.