Take it Easy by Procyon Games

Solo Challenge

Prims: Each Solo Challenge unit is 22 Prims
Rights: The Solo Challenge needs Debit Permission to build the network jackpot. You must grant those rights on rez or the game will not work.

There are no configuration options for the Solo Challenge. Just rez it, grant it Debit Perms, and it’s ready to go!

Every Challenge unit in the world is networked together, and every game played adds to the pot. Your game will show the current Jackpot total, the high score you have to beat to win it, and the name of the current leader.

If someone wins the Challenge by playing on your game unit, you get at 10% commission! For example, if someone wins a jackpot of $500, you will get a bonus of $50.


Prims: The Head-to-Head version of Take it Easy uses 26 prims.
Rights: The game is licensed under the Procyon Asset Protection plan. Read more about it on the Licensing FAQ.
Space: You can rez as many tables as you want next to each other. They don’t interfere.
Upgrades: You get free upgrades for the life of the product.

There are no configuration options.

Multiplayer Party

Prims: The main game board is 46 prims. Since all players play via HUDs, it doesn’t use any more prims during a game.
Rights: The Multiplayer version allows pot-style betting, and requires Debit Permission to do so. It is licensed under the Asset Protection system.
Upgrades: Free upgrades are included for the life of the product.


Remote Control
Your remote control unit allows you to configure your game to your liking. Set rakes, payouts, and game options. For complete help wear your remote and say “/8 fullhelp”. Here are some of the options:

rounds: Set number of rounds in a game
standard / puzzle: Activate Puzzle Mode
time / timeb: Set the time limit per tile or per board
lock: Set “Host Lock” mode so the game won’t auto-start during an event

Unattended Play
You can set your game to auto-start whenever people join in, so you don’t have to have a host. Or, turn on “Host mode” and the game can only be started by a host.