TAKE IT EASY by Procyon Games

Basic Rules

There are three different versions of Take it Easy, but the basic game is the same in each one.

You receive tiles one at a time. Click an empty space on the board to place the tile. You can move it around, try different spots to see what’s best. Click on the tile again to lock it. Once it’s locked, it stays there for the rest of the game.

The active tile is marked with a rotating ring. The ring slowly dissolves as time runs out. If you don’t lock your tile fast enough, it locks itself and the game moves on to the next tile.

Each tile has three lines. Try to connect lines of the same color. To score points, you must create a line the goes all the way across the board. A complete line scores its value (1-9) times its length (3-5). So a line of four 5-tiles would score 20 points.

If any part of a line has a different color, it doesn’t score.

The game is over when you fill the board. You score the total of all your lines.

Solo Challenge

The Solo Challenge allows you to compete against other players to try and find the best score for a single set of tiles. It costs $50 to play.

The Solo Challenge features a progressive jackpot. All the Challenge units across the grid are networked together, and every time someone plays it adds to the jackpot.

You never know when the Challenge will end! It could last an hour, or it could last a couple days. When it resets, whoever has the high score gets the Jackpot. Then a new set of Challenge Tiles is drawn, and the Jackpot resets to $100.

You can play the same Challenge as many times as you want, to try and get a high score nobody else can beat. Good luck!

Every time you play, you get the same set of Challenge Tiles, until someone wins it.

Multiplayer Party

The Multiplayer version of Take it Easy uses HUDs. Everyone plays on their own HUD. To get a HUD, click the big game board, then click Get HUD from the blue popdown. Click the Join Game button in the HUD to join in the fun.

When the game is done, the top scores will be displayed. The board will also display the winner’s board, so you can see exactly how they placed their tiles to get their score, and compare it to your own board.

Multiple Rounds: The Multiplayer game can be configured for multiple rounds. Each round is a separate board. For each round you will see the board of the top scorer for that round. Your score for the whole game is the sum of all your scores in the individual rounds.

Puzzle Mode: The Multiplayer game can also run in Puzzle Mode. In Puzzle Mode, instead of getting the tiles one at a time, you get them all at once. Click any two tiles to swap them. When you think you have arranged them best, click the Done button.


There are 27 unique Take it Easy tiles. Each number 1-9 appears nine times on nine different tiles.

There are 19 spaces on the board. So in each game, eight tiles won’t be seen. That means a particular number might only show up once in a game.

As you build lines, try to plan ahead. Eventually you reach a point where you have to decide which lines to abandon. By looking at which numbers are left, you get a better idea of which lines have a better chance of making it.


Designed and scripted by RIFKIN HABSBURG
Based on the original game by PETER BURLEY
Featuring the voice of TORRID MIDNIGHT
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